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Ultramedix company profile

Ultramedix Australasia Pty Ltd is a dynamic company founded by medical imaging experts, engineers and medical clinical professionals.

We supply an attractively priced range of innovative high technology portable and cart based diagnostic ultrasound machines and digital x-ray systems for both human and veterinary use characterized by their outstanding quality and value for money.

Our company has grown progressively since establishment in 2007 and we continuously strive to be the supplier of choice with excellent backup and support to our customers in Australia, New Zealand and Melanesia.

About SIUI

SIUI (Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments) Co. Ltd is one of the largest and longest established manufacturers of Ultrasound in China, established since 1978 and developing the first ultrasound system in China in 1983. Dedicated to innovative development of healthcare and safety and persistently engaged in R&D and manufacture of medical imaging systems and NDT equipment, SIUI has achieved significant breakthroughs and is maintaining steady and rapid growth. Some significant milestones are:

  • In 1978, approved for establishment by State First Ministry of Machine-Building Industry;
  • In 1983, developed the first ultrasound imaging system in China;
  • In 1986, introduced B/W ultrasound technology and production line from Hitachi Japan;
  • In 1997, acquired color Doppler ultrasound technology and production line from ATL US, the first of its kind in China;
  • In 1997, certified by ISO 9001, FDA and CE;
  • In 2003, developed advanced digital ultrasound imaging systems, which became a competitive alternative to foreign-brand products;
  • In 2005, launched full digital color Doppler ultrasound systems, marking the start to increase penetration rate of such products in China;
  • In 2008, launched a new generation of color Doppler ultrasound systems, which represents China’s R&D strength in mid and high end color Doppler;
  • In 2008, released a series of digital ultrasonic flaw detectors;
  • In 2008, developed the live 3D(4D) volume probe, the first of its kind in China;
  • In 2009, released a series of real-time 3D (4D) color Doppler systems, and the world's first real-time 3D (4D) system based on B/W ultrasound platform, which opened a new era for popular application of real-time 3D (4D) ultrasound;
  • In 2009, developed China's first phased array ultrasonic flaw detector;
  • In 2009, breakthrough in elastographic imaging;
  • In 2010, digital radiography systems released for commercial distribution, a milestone in SIUI's product diversification;
  • In 2011, released China's first live 3D(4D) endocavity volume probe, strengthening SIUI's dominant presence in real-time 3D (4D) ultrasound technology.
  • In 2012, released new product family: color Doppler for cardiology application.
  • In 2013 released new series of high resolution probes and 4D Pro advanced new 4D software
  • 2014, Recognized as the preferred choice for medical equipment sourcing by state government.
  • In 2015 SIUI was responsible for drafting the national industry standard "3D Ultrasound Imaging Performance Test Method"; The ULTRACLOUD product Apogee 5500/5300/5 series received the IF DESIGN AWARD 2015.
  • In 2016 Releases new series of portable color Doppler Apogee 2100 and Apogee 2300 and enhanced performance of Apogee 5500 with 128 channels for increased acceptability by premium market 

In terms of scientific research and development, SIUI is equipped with an advanced R&D equipment and software development environment. By learning from the successful famous companies, SIUI maintains technology innovation, self development and co-development with full control of core technologies. SIUI has set up R&D facility in the US, worked with famous higher education facilities such as Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology, as well as well-known hi-tech companies, continuously making breakthroughs in technical fields. 

Today by virtue of its powerful capacity for development and continuous dedication to innovation, SIUI is at the forefront of global medical imaging and is mounting an ever growing challenge to major world ultrasound brands providing medical facilities with ever better products and service.


 About SIUI

Leader of China’s ultrasound industry

SIUI’s advanced facilities attracts a group of talents with a strong R&D backgrounds. Every year, SIUI spends not less than 10% of its sales revenue in technical research and development. Additionally SIUI has technical cooperation with world famous scientific institutions, which not only keeps SIUI in a leading position in China’s ultrasound field but also in a competitive position in the global ultrasound industry.

Complete product line

SIUI has a complete ultrasound product line for human and veterinary use ranging from portable to trolley based systems and B/W to colour Doppler ultrasound systems that enables SIUI to meet the needs of medical facilities at all levels. SIUI has climbed to a new peak of technical expertise that has flowed across to all of SIUI's product lines today. 

Currently SIUI’s annual production capability is up to 8,000 main units and 20,000 transducers for medical ultrasound, and 20,000 main units and 100,000 transducers for UT products. Aiming at high processing precision and sophisticated manufacture technique of medical and industrial ultrasound systems, SIUI has in-house manufacture of main components such as PCBs and transducers and crucial procedures, which plays a key role in product quality assurance and system integration.

Global market perspective

SIUI has a clear global marketing perspective and SIUI’s products are providing healthcare services to people in more than 120 countries. In constant pursuit of technical innovation SIUI keeps a growing momentum to achieve ever higher objectives.

 About eZono

The eZono™ 3000 and eZono 4000 with its world leading needle guidance system are revolutionary point of care portable high performance ultrasound system designed for the needs of theatre in anaesthetics and emergency care. This innovative German machine is almost entirely software driven and is designed with the operator foremost in mind. With it’s intuitive operating system and series of presets, little if any adjustment is required by the operator, allowing them to immediately obtain excellent quality images with minimum effort in the shortest possible time.

A growing number of patented multi-media Cue cards (now numbering over 50) can be selected by the user to guide them through every aspect of where to position the probe, anatomical landmarks, recommended approaches, needle guidance and general tips.

Software updates for new applications and other improvements are provided free of charge several times per year making the eZono an excellent long term investment.